Urgent Desire to Step Up into Your Brilliant Potency

Are you fully into being your brilliance & potency? Or are you waffling around it, choosing to see it sometimes, and not see it other times? On a scale of 1 to 100 (100 being the most) what % of each day do you stand in your full potency and brilliance? Take a moment and just perceive how you are being. How are you showing up? What potency have you forgotten to express? How many years were you rewarded for toning down, stepping back, not confronting, not shining brighter? Take a moment now and perceive the shiny bright pearl of your beingness and spirit. Is it actually possible for you "not" to shine? Let's be one with the very lightness of your wealth, power, creativity, expression, and oneness with divine. Just be in that place a few minutes each hour, then expand it to a few minutes every few minutes. See it as a gradual shift into your knowing of this brilliant lightness of you. One trick is to take an alarm on your phone and set it for every 30 minutes, and pause, each time it goes off, to recognize your brilliance, potency, Iam, wealth, and infinite awareness of [...]

How Much Time Do You Contribute to Knowing You Are Amazing?

In a compelling session with a client yesterday she was asking to "stop acting pathetic and start having money and choices and joy," and I asked how much time of each day does she spend knowing her own beauty, knowing her own knowing, trusting her own potency? There was this quiet space of pause. "I didn't hear that, can you ask that again?" Seriously, she couldn't actually hear the question! Take a moment to look at your days, and how much time do you spend being in your potency? How much time do you spend shredding yourself for your lack of whatever it is you believe you should be? This shift into more of knowing your power will change everything. Don't wait for the lottery or the inheritance or the man (or woman) or the glass slipper. There is a moment, like, now, that you can step up into your knowing as if you knew -- all along -- how truly amazing you are. If you can't fully step into your self-awareness of this, focus on one aspect of you that is amazing. Possibly, you are a great cat-parent. Or maybe, an amazing kid-parent. Or possibly, a creatress of an [...]

Matt Bochsler Guest Stars today on my podcast…asking some challenging questions!

Today's interview with 'nomadic facilitator' Matt Bochsler pushed me a little outside of my comfort zone. So that was exceptionally interesting. I was asking questions this morning, and then when it came time to have a podcast interview, I decided to leave the sort of 'generic' interview behind and ask him questions that had a lot of meaning for me personally. What I liked about that was he tuned into my words and what was behind them. "What are you holding on to?" So in the spirit of sharing as caring I'll as you the same: What are you holding on to, in staying in status quo, that if you could release would change everything? What fear do you hold inside of your body that isn't real, but serves you and drives you and delivers you more than you would have if you didn't have that fear? Now could you have all of that and let go the fear? I'm so curious, when I start to ask for a lot more, what that looks like to others as my comfort zone gets left somewhere, discarded, like an old caterpillar casing long forgotten by the butterfly. What casing is asking to [...]

21 Days ~ 21 Minutes ~ Permission to CHANGE!

  21 Days of Creativity Expansion Energy Pulls with Erica 21 Days | 21 Minutes Each Day | August 2 to August 24 Join Erica for 21 days to wake up your CREATIVITY, inspiration, and creating anything you desire in ¬†your life. GET CREATIVE! Expand your energy exponentially! (August 2 to 24 minus 8/17-18) 6AM to 6:21AM PST daily! By Zoom & Recording! Do you give yourself permission to change, consciously, on a daily basis? This series wakes up the change agent inside of you!

Authors NEEDED now to Heal the Earth!

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Awaken Consciousness

As I awaken my voice and step into an even brighter, deeper, sweeter, sexier self, I am amazed at the beauty I see in all of those around me. It is this acute beauty that drives me to be more, create more, sing more, and teach more. This is indeed a fantastic voyage, as the chains that held me back and the pain that held me down is released into the atmosphere. As I tune into the psychic nature of my being, and know that we are all connected as if by magic. As some relationships grow and blossom in the light of the truth and some shed and shift in the brilliant light of the truth, I seek peace and expansion and fireworks and creativity. This trip is so wild and so big, I am in deep gratitude for all those who went before me, to pave the light path, and for all those who will find wings to fly as I break the chains that held me down for so long. How does it get any better than that!

Creation Excitement

Whenever I am in creation on a new project I become so filled with excitement and vitality my energy soars. This morning I woke up and let in new energy for all of my projects, I asked for vitality and joy to flow in and fill up everything that's in front of me this week. I felt the joy of that and let it come in and wake up places where my energy was zapped. How exciting that I can bring energy and flow energy into my life with intention. How can it get any better than that? I feel this sense of beginning excitement and then I wonder how I will be able to draw that through the project start to finish. Today's new project will be released in January and more information to follow. It's so beautiful to be part of something bigger than me! I love this feeling.

How the Brain Changes

I am waking up to the changes in my brain as I meditate, dance, live full out, connect with friends, build a new book on change, and just step into the power that I can be. I am awakening to how easily the brain can change when I am asking it to be more, do more, allow more, and open up to more. And as the brain changes and figures out more new neural pathways, so everything lightens, brightens and opens up to the capacity of greatness. Oh! Here is one song I like that gets me in the mood to open up to the greatness we can all be. Enjoy!