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Urgent Desire to Step Up into Your Brilliant Potency

Are you fully into being your brilliance & potency? Or are you waffling around it, choosing to see it sometimes, and not see it other times? On a scale of 1 to 100 (100 being the most) what % of each day do you stand in your full potency and brilliance? Take a moment and [...]

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How Much Time Do You Contribute to Knowing You Are Amazing?

In a compelling session with a client yesterday she was asking to "stop acting pathetic and start having money and choices and joy," and I asked how much time of each day does she spend knowing her own beauty, knowing her own knowing, trusting her own potency? There was this quiet space of pause. "I [...]

Matt Bochsler Guest Stars today on my podcast…asking some challenging questions!

Today's interview with 'nomadic facilitator' Matt Bochsler pushed me a little outside of my comfort zone. So that was exceptionally interesting. I was asking questions this morning, and then when it came time to have a podcast interview, I decided to leave the sort of 'generic' interview behind and ask him questions that had a [...]

21 Days ~ 21 Minutes ~ Permission to CHANGE!

  21 Days of Creativity Expansion Energy Pulls with Erica 21 Days | 21 Minutes Each Day | August 2 to August 24 Join Erica for 21 days to wake up your CREATIVITY, inspiration, and creating anything you desire in ¬†your life. GET CREATIVE! Expand your energy exponentially! (August 2 to 24 minus 8/17-18) 6AM [...]

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Authors NEEDED now to Heal the Earth!

Join in a new book on Healing Earth Are you curious about becoming a #1 bestselling author? Happy Publishing is delighted to present a new group book offering. Each author receives: One chapter in a new book on "earth healing" or "healing the earth" or "experiencing healing and communion with the earth" or "what can [...]

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Who am I Being?

Who am I being today? Am I standing tall today? Am I knowing my knowing today? Some days I wake up and I'm so clear on my knowing Other days my knowing is not what it seems, and doubt creeps in. Today I am being bright, fun, easy, joyful, curious, and open to miraculous beauty [...]

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Awaken Consciousness

As I awaken my voice and step into an even brighter, deeper, sweeter, sexier self, I am amazed at the beauty I see in all of those around me. It is this acute beauty that drives me to be more, create more, sing more, and teach more. This is indeed a fantastic voyage, as the [...]

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Creation Excitement

Whenever I am in creation on a new project I become so filled with excitement and vitality my energy soars. This morning I woke up and let in new energy for all of my projects, I asked for vitality and joy to flow in and fill up everything that's in front of me this week. [...]

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How the Brain Changes

I am waking up to the changes in my brain as I meditate, dance, live full out, connect with friends, build a new book on change, and just step into the power that I can be. I am awakening to how easily the brain can change when I am asking it to be more, do [...]

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